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  • We say: Dive deep into the sea of love with the Sherlock Holmes of the dating world.

  • Yes:

    • Legendary 32 dimensions of compatibility

    • Users interested in long-term relationships and marriage

    • Balanced gender ratio

    • Strong focus on safety

  • Meh:

    • Higher cost

    • Less control over searching (offset by eHarmony's 32 dimension algorithm search)

  • Userbase: Very large; 51% men, 49% women.

  • Cost:

    • Six months: $60 / month

    • 12 months: $35 / month

    • 24 months: $25 / month

  • Free version: Very limited free version. You can sign up, that's about it

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes.

  • Recommended Ages: 20s to early 40s, but eHarmony does also cater to older users.

  • Safety: Secure communications, profile verification, privacy controls, dating safety advice.

  • Help & Support: Email support, FAQ and Help sections.

DALL·E 2023-12-29 13.34.21 - Illustration of a sympathetic, mixed-race woman around the ag

"Like that friend who takes forever to set you up, but trust us, the date’s totally worth the wait"


  • We say: AI-infused, international dating.

  • Yes:

    • SmartPick™ is you AI love guru

    • Carousel, Super Send, and Zoosk Live

    • Date Mix offers a wide range of dating information and advice

  • Meh:

    • The occasional fake profile

    • No video chat

  • Userbase: a whooping 35M+

  • Cost:

    • $99.99 for a year

    • $65.99 for six months

    • $59.95 for three months

    • $29.95 for one month

  • Free version: Take a test drive but chat only after signing up.

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes.

  • Best for ages: 25-45

  • Safety: Photo verification and strict policies keep catfish away.

  • Help & Support: Extensive help center and searchable FAQ.

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"Best if you're serious and want to choose from a massive international user base"


  • We say: If you're in it for a serious relationship with a high profile partner - Elite Singles is the right place.

  • Yes:

    • All profiles confirmed and vetted. 

    • Very thorough personality matching. 

    • Highly educated userbase

  • Meh:

    • Can't see pix and matches until you pay up

    • Lengthy sign-up

  • Userbase: 13M+, highly educated

  • Cost:

    • $31.95 / month (yearly)

    • $44.95 / month (quarterly)

    • $57.95 / month (monthly)

  • Free version: Free trial includes personality test, partner suggestions, sending smiles (but no pix, no messages).

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes.

  • Best for ages: 35-55

  • Safety: SSL encryption, fraud detection systems.

  • Help & Support: Online contact form only, a bit of patience is required.

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"Where gray matter meets the heart"


  • We say: The Maestro of 50+ dating.

  • Yes:

    • 5 Factor Personality Test designed by psychologists

    • Daily curated matches

  • Meh:

    • Prepare yourself for the sign-up process

  • Userbase: 800K+

  • Cost:

    • Premium Intro: 3 months at $57.80 total
      $27.95 / month (yearly)

    • $37.95 / month (half-yearly)

    • $49.95 / month (quarterly)

  • Free version: Basic membership is free, does not include messaging.

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes.

  • Best for ages: 50+

  • Safety: Secure messages and privacy features.

  • Help & Support: Dedicated customer support available through email and phone, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM GMT.

DALL·E 2023-12-29 16.59.06 - Illustration of a mixed-ethnicity woman, about 65 years old,

"Perfect for finding that special someone who gets your 70s sitcom references"

  • We say: THE mix-and-mingle spot for those seeking everything from casual dates to soulmates.

  • Yes:

    • First ever online dating site with millions of members. 

    • Robust fake profile defense; keeping it real.

    • Sign-up is short and sweet

  • Meh:

    • Perhaps a bit dusty; like an old love letter.

  • Userbase: A whopping 21.5 million – talk about plenty of fish!

  • Cost:

    • 1 Month: $45 to $50 / month

    • 3 Months: $32 - $35 / month

    • 6 Months: $23 - $25 / month

    • 1 Year: $19 - $20  / month

    • + various premium add-on options

  • Free version: Yes: browse, upload photos, send likes, receive communications from paying users

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes.

  • Recommended Ages: 35-50+

  • Safety: Fake profile terminator; profile and photos review

  • Help & Support: There's an online contact form and a comprehensive FAQ section, but they're playing hard to get on weekends.

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"The O.G. of dating apps"


  • We say: Bumble flips traditional dating dynamics, making it a great platform for those looking for respectful, empowering interactions in the dating scene.

  • Yes:

    • Women take the lead

    • Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF expand the scope beyond just dating

    • High-quality userbase

    • High-quality profiles with videos and voice samples

  • Meh:

    • Matches expire after 24 hours

  • Userbase: Large and diverse, high quality profiles

  • Cost:

    • Premium Lifetime: $149.99

    • Premium 6 months: $99.99

    • Premium 3 months: $59.99

    • Premium 1 month: $29.99

    • Premium 1 week: $13.99

    • Premium 1 day: $3.49

  • Free version: Yes, limited Likes, but communicate with matches

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes.

  • Recommended Ages: Best for a broad range of ages, from 20 to 50+

  • Safety: High emphasis on security. Foto verification and reporting system. Zero tolerance policy for harassment.

  • Help & Support: Responsive support team, FAQs, guides.

DALL·E 2024-01-23 15.20.01 - Create an illustration of a Caucasian woman, about 35 years o

"Tinder is King, but Bumble is Queen"


  • We say: Dive into an ocean of curated "Bagels" and watch the magic happen as their advanced matching tech takes into account your personality. 

  • Yes:

    • The algorithm learns

    • Limited daily matches encourage quality over quantity

    • The majority of profiles are detailed and complete

  • Meh:

    • A bit pricey

    • Only 5 matches a day, although users have, in certain locations, reported getting more

  • Userbase: Sizeable, 60% female

  • Cost:

    • 1 month: $34.99

    • 3 months: $74.99 total ($25/month)

    • 6 months: $119.99 total ($20/month)

    • 12 months: $239.88 total ($20/month)

  • Free version: Yes, includes core functions like liking, passing, and chatting with matches.

  • iOS app: Yes.

  • Android app: Yes

  • Safety: Thorough profile vetting process.

  • Help & Support: Help Center, some customer support.

DALL·E 2023-12-29 16.33.47 - Illustration of a mixed-race woman, about 35 years old, on a

"More than just coffee dates"


  • We say: The "app that’s designed to be deleted" offers a unique, non-cookie-cutter approach to dating. It's like a storybook romance - photos and snippets of text create a narrative to unravel, perfect for those who prefer a bit of mystery and excitement.

  • Yes:

    • Slow-paced, immersive profile viewing experience

    • Multiple, low-commitment ways to express interest in a match

    • Increasing popularity due to aggressive marketing

  • Meh:

    • Complex app design

    • Artistic profiles can be frustrating if you prefer straightforward information

    • Occasionally buggy

  • Userbase: Targets younger singles, primarily in the 18-35 age range.
    Growing popularity.

  • Cost:

    • 1 Month: $34.99

    • 3 Months: $64.99 ($21.66 monthly)

    • 6 Months: $99.99 ($16.66 monthly)

  • Free version: Yes, you can see matches and send limited likes, but you can't see who likes you.

  • iOS app: Yes

  • Android app: Yes

  • Best for ages: 18-35

  • Safety: Photo verification, reporting options.

  • Help & Support: Limited, mostly via a support bot and an FAQ section, with no straightforward options for live support.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 162326.png

"Where dating is more than a swipe - it's a narrative"


  • We say: Your personal cupid, armed with a team of expert matchmakers and relationship coaches. It's the VIP lounge of dating apps, where they do the heavy lifting to find you the perfect match.

  • Yes:

    • Personal matchmakers handpick your dates

    • Background checks on all matches

    • Dedicated relationship coaches

    • Standard Membership available at decent cost

  • Meh:

    • Patience required – it's not a match-making vending machine.

    • Pricey

    • Minimal control of the matchmaking process

  • Userbase: 1M+

  • Cost:
    • Standard Member: $99/year (database access only, no guaranteed matches)

    • Video Connect: Approx. $749/month (two virtual matches per month)

    • Client: Starting at approx. $4000/month (dedicated matchmaker, personalized coaching)

  • Free version: No free version, but a unique recruiting system might get you in for free.

  • iOS app: No

  • Android app: No

  • Best for ages: 30-65+

  • Safety: Strong focus on privacy and security, with background checks and confidential handling of your data.

  • Help & Support: Responsive customer service with a detailed FAQs section and blog filled with relationship advice.

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"Love, Curated"


  • We say: The black-tie gala of dating apps.

  • Yes:

    • Exclusivity at its best: hand-picked matches among the successful and influential.

    • Say goodbye to endless swiping; hello to quality over quantity.

    • Sophisticated, thorough verification process to ensure genuine profiles.

  • Meh:

    • Patience is key: there's a waiting list to get in.

    • Premium pricing for a premium service – it's not your budget-friendly app.

    • The verification process might feel a bit like a high-security job interview.

  • Userbase: Focused on well-established, career-driven individuals.

  • Cost:
    • Member:
      $399.99 for 3 months.

    • Owner:
      $499.99 for 2 months.

    • Investor:

    • VIP:

  • Free version: Guest level available after acceptance (minimal features).

  • iOS app: Yes

  • Android app: Yes

  • Best for ages: Aimed at mature, established singles.

  • Safety: Rigorous screening process for enhanced user safety.

  • Help & Support: Comprehensive customer support, but tailored for premium members.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 162326.png

"Not a just a dating app, but a power move"


  • We say: A globe-trotting wingman who knows you too well. Eclectic and diverse.

  • Yes:

    • "Flavors" system let's you filter by personality, such as Open-Minded Nerds, Kinky Beard Lovers, Globetrotters, etc.

    • Diverse Userbase

    • In depth profiles

  • Meh:

    • Time-consuming profile setup

    • User complaints about spam and fake profiles

  • Userbase: 35M+, very diverse

  • Cost:

    • One month: $19.95

    • Three months: $14.95/month

    • Six months: $9.95/month

  • Free version: Yes, but you can't see who liked you.

  • iOS App: Yes.

  • Android App: Yes.

  • Best for ages: 18-50

  • Safety: Solid, but some user complaints. Low Trust Pilot rating. 

  • Help & Support: Helpful FAQs and prompt customer service.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 200349.png
DALL·E 2023-12-29 16.22.36 - Illustration of a mixed-race man, about 35 years old, on a pl

"Best for sapiosexuals
looking for a
personality match"

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